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Phnom Penh: Por Sen Chey Criminal Police Force Collaborates with Police Post 1 and 2 A group of suspects in the capital, Phnom Penh, arrested seven suspects and seized them. Five motorcycles are brought in for questioning for legal action.

The operation took place at 12:30 pm on May 27, 2020 at the concrete road. In the village of Chamkar Leu 2 village, Kakab 2 commune, Por Senchey district, after the suspects allegedly robbed a motorbike from the youth One achieved.
The seven suspects are:

Name: Hem Visal, Male, Age: 17, Population, Village, Prasat Cheung Village, Kakab 1 Commune, Pur Senchey District.
Lay: Male, 15 years old
3- My friend Sovann Nouth, a 21-year-old male student, was living in a rented apartment next door
4-year-old Cam Samdey, a 17-year-old male, lives in Bek Chan commune, Angsnuol district, Kandal province
5 – Named Pheaktra, a 17-year-old male, is a trademark resident in Chamkar Leu 1 village, Kacap 2 commune, Pur Senchey district. Success
6- Sun Sok Savek, male, 15 years old, resident in Teuk Thla village, Sangkat Teuk Thla, Sen Sok district, and 7-name as Vandeth A 15-year-old boy lives in Trapaing Lvea village, Sangkat Kacak 1, Por Sen Chey district.

The five motorcycles that were seized by the police were white bitcoats on the Phnom Penh 1HS-3298 Honda Honda 125. The 2019 Black Series Plug Number Kampong Speu 1I-8704 Brand Honda Dream 125 Series 2014 Black Pack Number Kampong Cham 1D-5656 Brand The 2012 Honda Dream C series, the black version of the Phnom Penh 1BF-63775 all four suspects. One more Honda Brand Dream 125 series 2016 stamped 2018 Black Plated # 1 #ZZ-2262. The victim, Ya Raksmey, was a 19-year-old male resident of Pursat village, Samrong Lower district, Pur Senchey district.

A few days ago, the victim became acquainted with two women on Facebook, police said. The two were suspected to be part of the gang and agents of the suspects. By the time the girls arrived at the victim's house, they had sent the young man on a motorbike. Drew them in front of Phnom Penh International Airport.

As soon as they got into the dugout, they approached the west of the second Kaplan police station and there was a group of motorbikes. 8 The chariot chased after him, overturned and struck and robbed a motorbike. According to the source, when the motorcycle was taken, the suspects fled and the two women fled with the group. The victims, but the rest of Lay's friends had not yet been able to get on the motorbike, and the victims thought the thieves were awake. To the surprise of the police, the second Calabar police led
By the time Postmaster arrested, he was put in question.

Afterwards, the above post police forces teamed up with Por Sen Chey district criminal police and the first Kaplan police force to arrest the accomplices. Seven more have been on the run and are searching for the remaining factions.