Stung Treng: Stung Treng Provincial Gendarmerie handed over a car with a license plate7 fake and undocumented tax documents to the customs on the morning of July 18, 2020.

Under the direct direction and command of General Sao Sokha, Deputy Commander of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces and Commander of the Royal Cambodian Police National Gendarmerie Brigadier General Ieng Vandy, Commander of Stung Treng Provincial Gendarmerie, conducted an operation to inspect vehicles with license plates. Geography of Stung Treng Province.

After enforcing the regulations and cracking down on cars with fake license plates, no tax documents, no import tax and wearing license plates. After inspecting the vehicles in Stung Treng province, the Stung Treng Provincial Armed Forces found that the right-hand drive vehicle with a fake license plate did not belong to the army. And 7 documents without import tax payment documents.

Preap Karath, director of the six regional offices of the Customs Prevention and Suppression Department, told reporters that all vehicles belonging to the military police Stung Treng province has cracked down and the customs have accepted that it is a type of vehicle with fake license plates, which is not the burden of the state and is a duty-free vehicle imported.

Mr. Preap Karath confirmed that right-hand drive vehicles have been banned from importing into Cambodia since 2015 by the head of the Royal Government, if found. Modern right-hand drive cars have to be cracked. Mr. Karath also confirmed that his customs department in Area 6 had accepted more than 10 duty-free vehicles from the Provincial Gendarmerie. Stung Treng. This is the second time that the Stung Treng Provincial Gendarmerie has handed over seven more vehicles to customs for further legal action.

Finally, Mr. Preap Karath also praised and thanked the Stung Treng Provincial Gendarmerie for serving in the army and Crack down on duty-free vehicles using fake number plates, the army handed over to the Department of Prevention and Suppression of Customs Offenses.
By: Sokhom