Phnom Penh: The Anti-Counterfeiting Committee on the Dangers of High Risk to Health and Social Safety (CPPCC) of the Ministry of Interior suspends Raid the general monitoring and checking counterfeit products to capital and provinces, except if necessary to prevent the spread of the disease again Costa 19.

The committee states in its instructions: "All operations that crack down on counterfeit products must be suspended. Due to the recurrence of Kovid disease. Any action the recall and investigation of all cases of counterfeit products were suspended temporarily due to the renewed spread of Banco 19 ".

Despite the suspension of all operations in the provincial capital, Mr. Miech Sophanna, Chairman of the Committee, stated in the letter that there are still exceptions. It is imperative that the team is able to continue its crackdown operations.

He stated that the particular activity was related to 19 counterfeit and substandard Kovid 19 medical devices and medicines, following the principles Guidelines on the principles and the crackdown on all operations of the Secretariat and the Committee on the fight against counterfeit products.

"In case of operation, keep a safe distance, wear an alcohol mask and follow the instructions of the Ministry of Health," he advised. Must continue to implement the measures 3, 3 protection and 2 participation of the Royal Government consistently.

Mr. Miech Sophanna believes that all operations teams participate in implementing the contents of this instruction effectively and with a high sense of responsibility to wait. Waiting for the implementation of operational activities in the capitals and provinces and the summoning of investigations, which will be resumed as directed directly during Ahead.

Hong Vannak, an economic researcher, believes that the committee's announcement of the suspension may be for one reason or another, and may be in the consideration of Leaders with ongoing activities At the same time, the Ministry of Commerce also has the General Department of Consumer Protection, Competition Affairs (CPC), which is implementing activities. This too today.

In addition, he thinks that during the suspension of this activity is not a big impact on the perpetrators and other activities related to Committing the crime of counterfeit products, while the Ministry of Economy also has a working group that carried out this activity as well.

He said: 'Today, such an act parallel to the c… It's just your jurisdiction, there is a larger scope Working group of the Ministry of Interior. But the 2 institutions, there should be collaboration. Some of the practices of each institution is indispensable because the technical officers need cooperation from the security forces.