PPCBank has registered its corporate bond Its first official opening on the Cambodia Securities Exchange on Tuesday, April 21, 2020, after approval of the results Purchased and distributed by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia on April 10, 2020.

PPB has collected 40 billion riels (US $ 10 million) in the first phase, amid a cholera epidemic. Cote d'Ivoire 19 In the first phase, investors bought corporate bonds that had hedges, exchange rates, had an annual coupon rate of 6.5 percent and had For three years. A total of 400,000 bonds were traded in the first phase, worth 10,000 riel per bond. . PPCB plans to raise another 40 billion riel in the second phase over the next six months by monitoring Cautious of any developments in the condition of Kov 19;

Shin Chang Moo, chief executive officer of PPC Bank, said that our corporate bond listing is a major milestone for PPC. Bern. I am very grateful to all the investors, regulators, and advisers for making the securities debut. Our successful one is in the midst of high uncertainty and volatility in markets where cash security is more important than ever. That's all.

PPCB is one of the very few financial institutions to receive the most recent funding source in Cambodia. Long term. Through this bond issuance, we are able to forge new relationships with entrepreneurs both locally and abroad.

Shin Chang Moo: “I believe this is the first time a local insurance company has invested in a bond Main Investor. We believe that the registration of our corporate bonds will contribute significantly to the reputation of our bank, not just commercial banks. Leading, but also a trusted partner with a client-centered, innovative and transparent operation.

He added: "In the early stages of bond market development, the Cambodian capital market is expected to provide it to us. More flexibility and stability in terms of medium and long-term funding. ”By Samphos