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The number of people infected with the COVID-19 virus in the United States, according to the US Department of Health. March 25, 2020 At 15:30 local time has exceeded 60,000.

The number of people infected by the virus is 62,068, according to the CSSE Center for Science and Engineering in the US. With the death toll reaching over 1,000. New York, which has been the epicenter of the virus in the country, has 30,811 cases. New Jersey has 4,402 cases and California has 2,660.

In the face of the threat of the virus, the US Senate unanimously approved a historic plan on March 25 Disbursement of $ 2,000 Billion in Support for Economy Infected by Virus Spread More than 1,000 have been killed in the United States United States.

The Senate approved the bill with 96 unanswered votes. The plan is still to be approved by Democrats controlled by the Democrats before the president signs the bill.

France The infection is still fast
The spread of the COVID-19 virus in France continues to accelerate with 1,331 deaths in hospitals. The French director of the health ministry confirmed the death toll at 1,331 231 more people have been added in the last 24 hours. In France the number of people infected with the virus has reached 25,233. Excerpt from the website: yahoo (Editing by: Bopha)