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European countries: The number of people killed by the virus COVID-19 in Europe on March 15, 2020 has exceeded. Thousands of people have taken the world's total death toll to more than 6,000 while many people live Keep the house indoors and stay out of the country.

Facing Fear of Greater Spreads, Key Banks of the World, such as the Federal Reserve Japan, Britain, Canada and Switzerland on March 15 acted in coordination to increase supply. On financial markets in cash.

The most affected country in Europe was Italy on March 15, according to the country's health authorities The death toll from the virus was highest at 1,809, with 368 deaths. More in the last 24 hours. The total number of infected people in Italy rose to 24,747 from 21,157 on March 14 .

At the beginning of the outbreak, China remained the country with the largest number of deaths – 3,199 It is Europe, where infections rose the fastest with 2,291 deaths, mostly in Italy and Asean Spain has seen more than 2,000 census takers in the last 24 hours .

France has 127 dead
Death toll rises to 127 in France: COVID-19 virus infection in France The total number of cases and cases increased to 5,423. This is the announcement of the French Health Authority requesting the French citizens to respect the preventive measures not to go out Home.

French Minister of Health Olivier Weran says on FRANCE 2 that the virus is the fastest and most threatening One. I urge the French people to respect social measures.

The French newspaper LE MONDE cited researchers' advice to the president's palace in the worst-case scenario. The spread of the virus could have claimed up to 500,000 lives in France.

The Spanish flu that ravaged France from 1918 to 1919 killed 408 people. 000 people. The Scientific Council, established by the Elysee Palace, does not rule out such a possibility as to whether the virus has spread Can COVID-19 cause similar deaths?

Britain has 35 deaths
The British health authority said on March 15 that the number of people who died from the virus in the UK was another 24 over a 24-year period The last hour brought the country's total death toll to 35, and the number of cases increased by 20% To 1,372.

The British government has previously said it will step up measures to respond to the crisis by isolating the elderly The next few weeks will isolate every person who is infected with the virus. Excerpt from the website: yahoo (Edited by: Bopha)