Recently, there is the Facebook Agri Founder Uploaded photos and videos about the forced relocation of mangoes in the absence of markets in the context of Kov-19. A COVID-19 session of a mango was dumped all over due to lack of a market (video).

After the above incident, the Ministry of Commerce's team went to investigate the case in order to find out the truth Specific measures to help farmers suffer.

The Ministry of Commerce, on April 25, 2020, said that the Secretariat of the Ministry of Commerce is pleased to inform the audience. Facebook and the general public know that after seeing photos and videos of forced dumping of agricultural produce in mango A. Given the circumstances of the Kovi-19 case, the Ministry of Commerce's team went to investigate the case in an attempt to find out the truth Take specific steps to help the affected farmers.

Apparently, after arriving at the site and checking the dump, and interrogating stakeholders, the team found out the location. Located in Svay Rieng village, Phsar Treng Trang village, Treng Tray commune, Phnom Sruoch district, Kampong Speu province. Tons that must be Discarded because buyer couldn't accept purchase due to quality issues. Fans and the public may also notice in the picture a yellow mango that may not be available for sale. Where else to even take a mango plant, do not export to the country, which need the shipping time, so demand quality mangoes. According to market demand.

The Ministry would like to take this opportunity to inform that today, in spite of the incidences of Kov-19, Cambodian agriculture remains a market for both Exports and local markets as long as the goods are quality in line with the demand for the specialty mango. The best quality mangos are collected at 500 Riel to 550 riels per kg, while mango Export packages are priced at Riel 900 per kg. Therefore, as long as the quality of mango is not lacking in the market.

At present, Kampong Speu does not have a lot of mangoes in the field, brokers transport mangoes from Kompong Chhnang, Kampong Thom, Kampong Cham, Preah Vihear for sale in Kampong Speu large warehouses for Export and serve local processing plants. The Ministry of Commerce and other relevant institutions are doing their utmost to seek to open up more markets for Cambodian agricultural exports to World Market.

Therefore, the Ministry urges Facebook fans to consider and gather sufficient information before posting images or content. Any negative impact on efforts by the Royal Government, which is currently implementing a policy to promote agriculture and encourage exports. Level.

Let's get rid of social media fake news and disrupt the growth of our society. "The reality brings support and appreciation, while misinformation will bring disaster!" Lap