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Italy: Italy's first source of infection with COVID-19, the death toll March 4 reached more than 100, with 107 out of 3,089 cases taking extraordinary measures. Schools and universities are closed from March 5 until today March 15.

Italian Prime Minister GIUSEPPE CONTE does not deny that hospitals may have overcrowded cases There is a high incidence of severe patients. He warned that not only Italy, but any country in the world, could face such a situation Also.

In just a few weeks, massages of antibiotics, gloves, or protective clothing in many countries became difficult to find. After March 4, Russia, which stockpiled and boosted mass production of Russia, banned the export of protective equipment. Germany did just that. German health minister JENS SPAHN has just said for the first time that the virus has spread, claiming that the virus was infected. The spread of the virus COVID-19 in China has turned into a worldwide epidemic. The COVID-19 virus currently affects 81 countries and territories and has infected nearly 95,000 people and over three million people. 200 people were killed.

COVID-19 now affects all continents except Antarctica and affects the lives of more countries . In the face of danger, the authorities of the countries have canceled or delayed the preparation of any event or mass gathering that could spread disease. .

British filmmakers NO TIME TO DIE have announced a new release in the UK November. Religious gatherings are also banned. Saudi Arabia has decided to suspend its annual Islamic pilgrimage. Excerpt from the website: yahoo (Edited by: Bopha)