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Coronavirus or otherwise called covid-19 virus is not supernatural, it is the most deadly virus that causes The world is terrified, trembling, afraid of its effects, and the most effective way to prevent the virus is to wear it. Massage must be especially hygienic, drink plenty of water, not be able to pray or chant But the virus is not against the locals' beliefs or against the law. But it should be intellectual.

Many people, including monks, believe in prayers, prayers, evictions or calming crises. Will kill this deadly virus, dissipate, dissipate, dissipate, dissipate, with the power of prayer, prayer, banishment, Prevent those viruses from coming near you .

These views may be contrary to the World Health Organization's view that the HIV-19-only method only masks People living in cities with good hygiene and washing hands often need plenty of water to clean their germs The body is careful not to dry the throat at risk of infiltration. San Sarin