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According to the AFP, based on official sources, as of April 4 The number of people infected with COVID-19 has exceeded 1.16 million, including 63,437 deaths in countries and territories. 190 lands in the world.

Europe is the most affected continent:
More than 45,000 people have been killed and Italy with 15,362 dead. Spain has 11,744 deaths, still the country with the most deaths Most of the world.

Spain had 126.736 cases
Spanish Prime Minister PEDRO SANCHEZ confirmed on April 4 that he would postpone the emergency alert until midnight. May 25th to prevent the spread of the virus. In a televised press conference, SANCHEZ explained
That was a difficult decision, he said, adding that the number of people infected with the virus had reached 126,736 and the death toll had risen. To 11,744.

The Ministry of Health figures also showed that the number of new infections in the last 24 hours appears to have decreased by two Day. Spain's emergency declaration came into force on March 15.

Too many Italians use ruby
Ribbons are used as a helper and they are not infected with the virus. Thus the emergency head of CIRCOLO DE VARESE Hospital, Northern Italy
Having a significant influx of patients increased the number of ribos. Six remote controls have been received by the hospital and are actively serving patients using the device Color can save lives in patients who are in poor condition. Some of the ribbons are white, equipped with screens and remote controls.

Doctors and nurses at the hospital were able to protect themselves and save on protective equipment. Also, doctors say that these little ribbons can even encourage patients to laugh.

According to the Italy's top institute of health, more than 10% of those infected with the census are officially staffed Health. Up to 70 Italian doctors have died since the outbreak began. Excerpt from the website: yahoo (Edited by: Bopha)