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US Private Sector Jobs Released on May 6, 2014 The Biggest Loss in April by Measures to Prevent People Out of Home to Prevent the spread of COVID-19 Job losses totaled 20,236.

In a statement, the ADP said that was a disastrous figure
And not even during the whole month, as of April 12. Analysts
The number of jobs lost in April could be 21.5 million, up from 149,000 in March. In April, lost jobs affect all types of enterprises. Co
Small businesses with less than 50 employees lose about 6 million Medium enterprises with more than 500 employees lost About 8.96 million jobs

AHU YILDIRMAZ, Co-Director of ADP's Research Institute
One post states that such a large number of jobs are unrealistic in the United States
America. The total number of jobs lost for a single April was more than double
The total number of jobs lost in the Great Depression was in service
The largest loss of more than 16 million jobs. Half of the lost jobs relate to tourism and hotels.

According to the report, industrial and construction enterprises lost 4.2 million jobs, more than half of which were in construction and nearly 1.7 million. Manufacturing Industry.

Economists think 28 million jobs were lost in April due to enterprise shutdown ៕ Excerpt from the website: yahoo (Edited by: Bopha)