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China's central bank Guangzhou says it will destroy all money collected by hospitals, markets and Buses to ensure the safety of cash transactions as the country is battling the spread of the coronavirus virus Covid-19). According to the South China Morning Post, February 17.

Officials at the People's Bank of China (PBOC) branch in the southern part of the city have ordered the collection of all banknotes in high-impact areas The virus has been removed for eradication, preventing any new transmission through the paper. In addition, commercial banks in the province should set aside money from these sectors to disinfect and hand it over PBOC.

The order came after Fan Yifei, the deputy governor of the central bank, said on Saturday that 600 billion yuan was new. About 85.6 billion US dollars has been distributed across the country since January 17, 2020, including 4,000. Million yuan (approximately 572 million US dollars) sent to Wu City Han, a city in the center of the eruption before the Chinese-Vietnamese New Year.

Meanwhile, the central bank has said it will generally use high temperatures or ultraviolet light to generate cash. And keep the currency for more than 14 days before being re-marketed.

PBOC says nearly 3 billion yuan in new money has been poured into Guangdong province South, excluding Shenzhen, between Feb. 3 and Feb. 13, while 7.8 billion yuan were paid. Subtract from traffic. The banking industry expanded by 270 million yuan (US $ 38.6 million) through 1,249 transactions. To government agencies, the protection and spread of related enterprises and other front-line entities.

Cash withdrawals amounted to 800 million yuan through 6,186 transactions. The central bank collects and destroys old coins and banknotes in exchange for new ones. This does not affect the money supply and is done to keep the amount of currency available and unhealthy. Edited by: Sokhuk