Kampong Chhnang: Kompong Chhnang Provincial Police confirmed on January 27 that two men had beaten police officers in Kompong Chhnang provincial police station. The right leg was temporarily detained by the provincial court on charges of intentional violence. Serious punishment.

Kompong Chhnang provincial deputy police chief Pol Vuthy said the two suspects, named Pao Pao, 29, and Roth Saron, 29 In Sangkat Svay Rieng City – Kampong Chhnang Province. They were detained by the Provincial Court on Monday afternoon in connection with a police officer 's injury' Suos Sary '. On the right, he (police) stopped their dispute on the morning of January 26 in Village 6, Sangkat Khmam, City – Kampong Chhnang .

“The Kompong Chhnang Provincial Court has charged the two suspects with intentional violence with aggravating circumstances and Already sent to provincial prison. "The police officer, seeing his offenses, intervened to get the ban but the suspect hit him until he broke his right leg."

Kompong Chhnang municipal police chief Chhay Khemarath said that the group had previously been drinking and had spoken. Suos Sary then came to a stop while the perpetrator was carrying a pipe on his partner, but did not turn over the officer. The policeman broke his right leg.

“While they were fighting with each other, the police went to intervene and detained the two suspects,” he said. The intention was to get a pipe on the police, but since they were not restrained by the police, it was unintentional. "The victim is in the hospital."

He added that the police had arrested the two suspects after they had assaulted the victim and had been sent. The Municipal Police Inspectorate of Kampong Chhnang, before forwarding it to the provincial police.

On the morning of January 27, Kompong Chhnang Provincial Police Commander Col. Khiev Ly led provincial police officers to visit and bring presents to police officers, he added. He was injured while in hospital at the provincial hospital.

It should be highlighted that a similar incident happened on January 18 in Kompong Speu, with the provincial police detaining an older man. A 28-year-old named Touch Heng after he shot and killed a deputy chief of the commune of Chambok commune in Phnom Sruoch district. Another was seriously injured in the incident Both victims intervened in a clash between the suspects and the other side.