Kampong Speu: Kampong Speu Provincial Court Detains Elderly Man on February 6 Bank Debt Committed in Prey Toteung Village, Kraing Dey Vy Commune, Phnom Sruoch District, Kampong Speu Province After Arrest February 5

Sam Sak, deputy commissioner of Kampong Speu province, received a criminal plan and told the Post on February 7 that the suspect, But Phan The victim, Jim Pha, 55, had six dependent children.

"In this case, the investigating judge, Kim Thai Mony, issued a temporary detention order," he said. "After prosecutors charged him with premeditated murder under Article 200 of the Penal Code."

According to Article 200 of the Penal Code, premeditated murder is an act of premeditated murder. Or by ambush. Forethought is a project developed before the harassment of the victim.

If convicted, the suspect faces up to life in prison.

According to Mr. Keo Savoeun, Director of the Criminal Office of Kampong Speu Provincial Police, according to The victim's family, who told authorities that the family had borrowed money from a bank and a private lender.

But they do not know how much money they owe. When it came time to pay their creditors, the couple had no money to pay. Each.

“According to the answer, the suspect said that it was time to pay the bank and he had no money to pay the bank, so he ran to borrow. You are a private lender and that money doubles as interest. He told his wife that it was time to pay them and his wife's how much to pay.

He said that before the incident, the perpetrator, the husband, talked to the victim's wife about the money to be paid to the bank and Money paid to the lender.

At that time, they quarreled and took a vegetable knife with two faces, slaughtered the victim until she died on the spot. But after the provocation, the suspect did not escape.

He said that after the incident, the people reported to the Kraing Dey Wai commune police and the police arrived The suspect was arrested immediately.

The body of the victim was examined by forensic officers with a deep cut on the throat and a cut. On the body. The label indicates that there was a fight between the suspect and the victim before leading to the murder.