Kratie: Kratie Provincial Court charges three suspects, known as timber traders, and remand them in custody at Kratie Provincial Prison After the suspect stole illegal timber and used violence against journalists.

The suspect, Khan Sambit, a 38-year-old man from Prek Pram village, Prek Prosop district, Kratie province, was arrested by the Prek Prosop district military police. Sent to court on August 23 on the complaint of Mov Sok Dim, a 50-year-old male journalist of the BDP website.

Kratie Provincial Court spokesman Tiv Vuthen told the Post yesterday that the suspect, Khan Sambath, had been charged and sent to court. He was remanded in custody at the provincial prison on August 24. He added that the charges against the suspect were three cases: illegal timber transportation, light violence and forgery. Public (use car with license plate K.M.).

"We have decided to detain … but we have not decided to hold a hearing yet, waiting for the proceedings to continue," he said. "

According to the Kratie Provincial Gendarmerie report, on August 21, 2020, the suspect, Khan Sambath, was transporting red wood (wood). Home) by truck from Prey Lang, Sambo district, through Prek Prosop district, Kratie province, to Stung Trang district, Kampong Cham province.

At around 4:30 am on August 22, when Khan Sambath's timber truck arrived at Tuol Sralou village Tuol Sambour commune, Stung Trang district, also met with two cars of journalists to block the road to prevent timber trucks from traveling. Conflict at once.

The report said: "At that moment, Khan Sambath drove a Lexus 470 Troy with license plate Com. From the car to fight with Mov Sok Dim, a journalist, so as not to record his activities, also created a case of violence. .

Khuth Srey Nuch, the wife of Mov Sok Dim, the victim of violence, told the Post yesterday that her husband had a back injury. Eyes and face because Mr. Khan Sambath used violence on him. She said the suspect was known to be a timber trader and was arrogant and not afraid of anyone, so she was worried. Family safety because they are afraid that this person will take revenge later.

"According to my husband, he saw a car driving and there was a lot of light, and he Pulling out the camera phone, the assailant came and attacked my husband. In other words, I want justice for my husband, when he warns and warns my husband, he wants to kill us Just because it has more children. "If we do not have evidence, it can not be done, and it urges my husband to sue again."