Battambang: Battambang Provincial Court Investigating Judge Says Kim Ponlok, Former Kamrieng District Police Inspector, Imprisoned on 16 February Under the Law on Suppression Human trafficking and sexual exploitation. This is according to Mr. Phan Ratana, spokesman for the Battambang Provincial Court.

Phan Ratana told the Post: “The investigating judge has decided to detain Kim Ponlok on charges of illegally exporting "Crossing the border according to the law on the suppression of human trafficking and sexual exploitation under Articles 8 and 11."

Mr. Kim Ponlok was issued a sub-decree by Prime Minister Hun Sen to impose fines on National Police officers, removing and expelling them from the Cambodian National Police on February 15: Related to the case of the release of brokers who bring workers in and out of the Cambodian-Thai border illegally and avoid medical measures.

The Prime Minister told the local media that in the case of Kim Ponlok, in addition to the removal of rank and dismissal, he ordered the governor The province and the National Police must continue to take further legal action to punish the corrupt official and imprison him as a warning to the people. Others should not commit such acts.

Mr. Yin Mengly, Coordinating Officer of the Adhoc Human Rights Defenders Association in Battambang Province, urged the authorities to strictly enforce the law against the authorities who conspired with the boss. The wind brings workers in and out of the border, which does not comply with the health rules and guidelines of the Royal Government.

"The conspiracy to release migrant workers may seem like a small thing, but it is a big issue," he said. National security, people and society as a whole. If recruiters bring workers into the country and if they are infected with Kovid 19, it will affect the provinces, districts or reach Closing that province or district more.

He called for strict enforcement of law enforcement by law enforcement authorities to set an example for corrupt brokers. Involved in the illegal entry and exit of workers who evade health measures.

On February 15, Hun Sen ordered the border provinces to strictly enforce the ringleaders who smuggled workers across the border. From doing so, it is necessary to search for the mastermind who brought workers across the border illegally to avoid this health measure in accordance with the law.

According to the Law on the Suppression of Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation, Article 8 states that illegal export means the exploitation of human beings. One moves from one place of residence to another under his control by means of coercion, intimidation, deception by force, or Comfort.

The removal of a minor or person under the general guardianship or legal authority without legal authority from that legal authority . Article 11: Illegal export for cross-border means any person who brings out another person illegally for the purpose of Handing over or deporting to Cambodia shall be punished by imprisonment from 15 to 20 years in case the offense is committed by a public official who Abuse its power over the victim.