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Below we will show you the benefits that you can get from sleeping in the same room. What?

1 – When you sleep in the same room, you can relax by lowering the pressure. You have the strength and emotion to carry on tomorrow's work.

Sleeping in the same room allows both of you to discuss at any time, which can easily resolve the issue. So no matter what the major issues are, you can help.

When you sleep in the same room, you will know each other's health because of you Observe, know. So you will be able to remind each other of your health care needs.

4. When you have a fight, if you do not sleep in the room, you will be more comfortable. But if you only sleep in separate rooms, you will not be comfortable with each other because you are less likely to talk to each other The longer the romance, the closer you will be to each other (Source: Health.com.kh). (Edited by: Bopha)