Ask all citizens to trust the national and sub-national medical teams who are actively looking for direct and indirect exposure. Positively Caused With HIV-19 to Monitor Your Health If you are personally exposed to the problem, you are safe Indirect impact is found to establish a follow-up on their own within: 14 days.

What has been found so far is a total of 53 positive HIV positive people (2 healers, two direct infected persons) (38 year old male in Siem Reap and 2 wives) Only). No community outbreaks or epidemics yet.

This is the point that our citizens must work to prevent, and prevent, the duplication in the community, which we all need to do. So I call on you, and I call on you, and congratulate all of our countrymen, on this matter, in this matter, and not be prejudiced, no one wants to get sick. ឫ Want to bring disease. But it's important to unite the spread of HIV-infected individuals to other individuals, especially those who are close to them or family members. Let's join together in preventing the copying of the code 19 so we can succeed. Good health, no HIV infection in the world! Thank you

Dr. O Vandin, Secretary of State and spokesman for the Ministry of Health of the Kingdom of Cambodia