Svay Rieng Province: Mr. Men Vibol, Chairman of the Board of Governors of Svay Rieng Province This morning, on February 28, 2020, he presided over the inauguration of the church and its achievements in Sangkum in Thok village, Sangke commune, Romduol district, Svay Rieng province. .

The governor expressed his condolences and thanks to the monk, the bishopric, the pagoda committee, as well as the pagoda, especially the pagoda. Bach Nuon Sam Ean and his family and all the people who participated in the construction of the temple and other achievements at the pagoda. Save money with lots of construction money About $ 328,750 is due to go into effect this year.

The governor said that under the wise leadership of Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia is a healthy factor. This prosperity and development that has provided our people better living conditions, day by day, will be the result. The higher the efficiency in participation, the greater the achievement In fact, many of the achievements that have taken place in the Sangkats and the Sangkats have been obtained from the Sangkats. Contribution to the Bible, the art of sharing, philanthropy and Buddhism. In conjunction with the inauguration of the ribbon cutting for the official use of the church and its achievements, he called for important issues. Nuon: Invite people, monks and businesses to share the impact and danger of alcoholism. Please help educate and promote the promotion of traffic law for everyone, especially during public holidays. . Please keep together to safeguard the peace that is at hand in trusting the government that is leading us. By the Cambodian People's Committee. Please help to preserve the existing achievements, especially the achievements in this monastery. Shape. District authorities, communes and all relevant authorities must strive to maintain good public safety, safety and public order. Through the village policy, the commune is safe. In the meantime, for the global case of cholera, such as cholera 19, which is sourced from China and the avian influenza, is inviting Vietnam. All levels of authorities and relevant authorities must increase the incentives to implement rigorous prevention measures and Spread protective measures All people should be careful with their hygiene, wash their hands frequently with soap first and then wash their hands. Serve or after contact with poultry and cook well.

On that occasion, the Governor had conveyed the gift of 80 monks each with 10,000 pieces of white cloth to 10,000 Sangkats and Communes. Each ten students at 50,000 ថវិកា per capita, 100 seniors and vulnerable people per 10,000 kramas, for 30 teachers per book 5 pens, 5 cents, 50,000 riel, to students 150 Youth Red Cross Youths, each with 2 books, two pens, $ 10,000 ជូន, to teachers 3 doctors each, with a budget of ៛ 50,000, to 1,000 citizens and civil servants, each Salong 1, 1, 1,000 Rieng district .000 ៛.

To the Inspectorate of Nokor Boulev, District Commissariat, District Armed Forces and District Inspectorate per unit of 500,000 ៛, to protect 500,000 villages. ៛, give the suffix to the eight directions, each direction 200,000 ៛, and the equipage suffix 500,000 ៛, to receive the festive suffix. Also build 5,000,000 Sangkats ៕ By: Waiko