Prey Lang: Ministry of Environment notes community actionActing, acting, and acting in disguise as a partner in the past. Not a good way and not an option for lovers of natural resources, and the Ministry of Environment We will strengthen the law on national defense to continue to prevent and crack down on crime. Utilizing national resources in national defense areas is more effective Add more.

The Bureau of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on February 8 that it would continue to implement defense and regulatory measures. National defense continues to prevent and deter natural resource violations in protected areas To be more effective, the Ministry of Environment will strengthen the initiative. Law on the areas of natural protection.

According to the National Protected Areas Act, entry into core areas and protected areas is prohibited except by state officials. Naturally protected and protected natural resource and natural sciences researchers aim to Protect and conserve natural resources, biodiversity, and natural resources Before the Ministry of Environment, except the field of security and national defense. Prey Lang is a protected natural area, so access to the 431,683 hectares of government area has to be implemented. According to the National Protected Areas Act.

The Ministry of Environment notes that the activities that the community has undertaken and the acts of faithlessness committed by the partners. This time is not a good way and is not an option for serious natural lovers. Also, just the useless actions of the attack did not help complement them. In the protection and conservation of natural resources, the Ministry of Natural Resources wants to see people in general. What the Prey Lang Network is trying to do again and again, though the Ministry of Interior has advised many. So far, it's been a push for crude conservation of natural resources and an active one. A clear, deliberate organization under the guise of being a lover of national anthropology. It is regrettable that the Prey Lang community is being used as a tool to provoke anger. The State on the Ministry of Labor and Natural Resources.

The Ministry of Environment is ready to continue working with the Prey Lang community network, as is the case for community-based NGOs. Prey Lang Community, which is a civil society organization, is registered and subject to the laws of Cambodia. And act under applicable law. This is not to be interpreted by some human rights organizations as limiting the rights and freedoms of citizens. At times, the state and civil society are in full control of the state, but this is Practice on behalf of Cambodia as a sovereign state that has the right to practice on the water. Everyone is fully satisfied, and all citizens are bound by this law. If the Prey Lang Community Network is trying to get its activities under the Cambodian law, what is the purpose of this network? Really?

The Prey Lang Community Network operates in four provinces, Kampong Thom, Preah Vihear, Kratie, Stung Treng, with senior members of the committee. Each provincial locomotive engine has a logo for the same function and operation as the civil society. Compliance with the law is in place and community networks are in place The organization has cooperated with various organizations including technology and received funding from other organizations. These include Danmission Organization, Bridge of Peace (PBO), Cambodian Youth Network (CYN), Community-Based Sustainability Network (CBPN), Copenhagen University He is also a Danish philanthropist and receives funding from the Soros Foundation. These organizations also did not sign an agreement with the Ministry of the Interior to carry out the work in full.

If they do not use the excuse of natural resource protection to serve a legitimate purpose, the Prey Lang community will not try to avoid it. Vows to comply with the laws of the Kingdom of Cambodia, while the majority of NGOs and NGOs are overwhelmingly Comply with applicable law.

The Ministry of Environment also showed photographs of defense officials as well as the local civil defense community at the special meeting. Oversees government work and patrolling activities in Prey Lang Wildlife Sanctuary. By: Columbus