Phnom Penh: Professional Dissemination Course on Professional Practice The third construction work was held in the morning of February 21, 2020, under the presidency of Mr. Chea Sophara, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Land Management. Urbanization and construction.

During the dissemination ceremony, Deputy Prime Minister Chea Sophara said that the Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction opened the latest training course on construction and engineering. The third priority is now to target human resources, which are considered potential for economic development. This humane society is And is demonstrating its capacity to contribute to national development. He also wants to mobilize architects, architects, architects and architects to work as a backbone for the society. At the same time, it wants to build more relationships with engineers and other architects both inside and outside the country, as well as with other countries. Company to make you positive In the field of construction, the project is busy because sometimes they have the professional knowledge but do not know where to go. Whatever the authority that the Ministry of Land Management, Urbanization and Construction has found, if there is a rally and put in a condition. That will find jobs for the human resources we have Already available and able to capture the market.

He said that after the dissemination of the dissertation, all the professionals in the construction sector will receive a confirmation Provides business licenses, plans, and plans from the Ministry to meet the conditions set by the Ministry, especially the Construction Law.

The Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction in cooperation with the Ministry of Land, Transport and Tourism However, with the expertise of the two Ministries, the draft law was drafted. The purpose of this construction law is to ensure the safety of the construction industry must be strong, protect the interests of the owners and protect the interest. The public benefit, which is considered to be the key for all construction and would like the building to have a fair share of development. Build a safe, secure community All construction must adhere to the basic land use and urban planning or urban planning plan without giving any input. Supporting public land or streams or some public place in the future leads to a loss of national budget or time to address the impact, so in this case National Land Management Planning and Construction Plan Treat all places across the country to get rid of infrastructure so the plan is designed. It was received and signed by the national authority and sent to the Ministry of Land Management for the construction and construction work. That is very specific, and the owner is willing and unmoved Other developments are needed and all of them should be built so that they are not removed from the site, such as a yard or Other foundations considered cultural sites or cultural constructions, all of which are to ensure sustainable development and ensure health. In society.

He said the construction law is also aimed at promoting confidence in investors in the real estate sector, which means we can The real estate we have built and transferred land and other properties make the state more stable. Legally transferring ownership of their assets without concern. Contributing to this support is also considered to be a contribution to socio-economic development and income generation. Additional capital for the national budget as well as additional income for the people, which is their capital provided by the Royal Government of Cambodia under the guidance of Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo HUN SEN Prime Minister provided The people of this poor people who have managed since the liberation day 1979 until now, can become permanent. Legal property may transfer the ownership of the property to another person or transfer it to a family member or relative.
In implementing the draft law, Deputy Prime Minister Chea Sophara requested the planners to be sealed with the national license. Khmer in each construction project, more or less, to contribute to the maintenance of Khmer identity for the betterment of society. Other challenges.
The Deputy Prime Minister requested that all architects and technicians be required to implement the draft law in accordance with the professionalism and ethics of the College The architects and the architects are decisive because in the future there will be strict implementation, which is the target of the dissemination of the construction law. Spread the word to companies Business in the construction sector, both national and international as well. By: Flamingo