Phnom Penh: The strong cooperation between Cambodia and ChinaThe two partners have historically been friends of steel by the friendship between the leaders of the two countries, leading the implementation of development projects. The events between Cambodia and China must be continued.

In fact, to contribute to the development of Cambodia's water sector and environmental and social protection, Sinohydro Kamchay Hydroelectric Project Co., LTD has provided assistance. Constructed a drainage pipe at Kompong Bay Bay located in Teuk Chhou District, Kampot Hydropower Area, in the amount of $ 800,000 America.

To implement this project, the afternoon of March 9, 2020, at the Ministry of Industry and Agriculture The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Cambodia Ministry of Industry and Handicraft with Wang Tiefeng, General Manager of the Group Sinohydro Kamchay Hydroelectric Project Co., LTD.

Addressing the occasion, Mr. Pheap Sar, Minister of Labor, emphasized the importance of the deep friendship between Cambodia and China and the benefits of building a dam Located in Teuk Chhou district, a high regard for the head of the Royal Government of the Samdech The Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia and the Kingdom of Cambodia The Ministry of Industry and Fisheries seeks to source water from the Kampot Hydropower Dam in the coastal waters About 1,770 million cubic meters (1,000,000 cubic meters) annually, while The demand for water supply to the clean water plant is within the capacity of 60,000 meters Snowmen times per day, equivalent to 22 million cubic meters per year.

Minister Cham Prasidh hopes that the Kamchay Hydropower Company will undertake the work as soon as possible in a safe and efficient manner. Utilizing the growing water needs in Kampot province.

Wang Tiefeng, General Manager of Sinohydro Kamchay Hydroelectric Project Co., LTD, spoke of the friendship that is considered as a community Expressed through the leadership of the two countries. Therefore, his company will be committed to building this course in the future for the benefit of the industry. The clean water in Kampot Province is in line with the needs of the people and the vision of the Ministry of Industry and Culture.

Please note: After the first hydropower dam operated by the Sinohydro hydroelectric power project, a second downstream dam is under construction. Further review will be used by the Royal Government of Cambodia budget to maximize the potential and potential of the country. The phytoplankton we have is based on works The environmental impact and social protection. High: intellectual force majeure