Kratie: Dolphin conservationists and communities in the Anlong Kampi resort area say illegal fishing in the Kampi Anlong Kampi Conservation Area continues Continues to be worrisome. Their remarks came after a new adult male dolphin, weighing nearly 100 kilograms, was found dead in a net. Kampi Dolphin Canyon Conservation Area last Thursday.

Tan Someth Bunvath, deputy director of the Kratie Fisheries Administration, told the Post on January 17 that despite the ban on fishing and fishing Despite regular patrols, fishing crimes continue to be a concern in the Kampi Dolphin Canyon Conservation Area. In particular, one adult male dolphin was recently found dead in the Mekong River area of ​​Kampi Dolphin Canyon in Sambok district. Chit Borey, Kratie province, recently due to mosquito nets. The mosquito net attached to the body of the male dolphin has 15 cm cells made of soft, non-abrasive nylon thread. .

"Nets are the highest risk for dolphins," he said. The corpse of the male dolphin, which we found on the evening of January 14, 2021, had mosquito nets on its tail and body. This is our biggest concern. ”

According to Mr. Bun Vath, the body of the male dolphin was 198 cm long, weighed 85 kg and was between 12 and 15 years old. Breeding. He probably died three days ago because his body was swollen and rotting. His body is now being kept in the freezer in WWF Kratie's Kratie office after undergoing a biopsy. On January 15, 2021.

After this incident, the river guards increased their patrols day and night to find the identities of the suspects. Stealing nets in that area is punishable by law.

In this case, Mr. Nhem Yon, a tour boat operator in the Anlong Kampi resort area, expressed his deep regret over the loss of one adult male dolphin. This head. Yon, who lives on a boat trip to visit dolphins in the Anlong Kampi resort area, told the Post on January 17: "There are dolphins, there are tourists, there is income, there is a better life."

He said that people in his community always participate in the protection and conservation of dolphins by patrolling to crack down on crime and promote the interests of Mekong River dolphins once a week to people in different villages and students.

According to Nhem Yon, the perpetrators were likely from different areas and raided at night.