PHNOM PENH (The Cambodia Herald) – At 1:00 pm, skip to June 27th By 2020, a tragic accident has killed a 19-year-old beautiful young woman. The victim was seriously injured when her boyfriend was seriously injured in an ambulance.

The victim, who died in a car accident, was hit by an unknown brand of a motorcycle on their motorcycle at the scene of the accident Facebook is Ah Jruy. His girlfriend is seriously injured, and Kim is a former U16 football player.

Also, there was a Facebook account named Kang Nai Houy, who was known to be the mother of the victim. A heartfelt message to her beloved daughter: Why not say good-bye mom not yet fulfill his promise. How do you keep mom living? Baby, tell me you heard me! Why are you hurting your mom, God, mother? ”

By: Hong Hong