The Anti-Corruption Unit on March 20, 2020 has issued a letterOne of the lawsuits was filed against the Takeo provincial governor in connection with an incentive bonus to civil servants working at the same gate.

In the complaint, the Anti-Corruption Unit told the Anti-Corruption Unit that the governor of Takeo province would not distribute dividends from the one-stop service provider That staffing is a distaste for some civil servants.

The Anti-Corruption Unit stated that the complaint on January 29, 2020 described that from the moment of operation until now Takeo collects fees, but Takeo officials do not use the money from the services to distribute bonuses to provincial administration officials Continued Glass per month by the decision of the Ministry or the valuable recommendations of Samdech Techo Hun Sen, Prime Minister of Cambodia. The non-dividend has affected the provincial, district and commune administration officials throughout Takeo province.

The Anti-Corruption Unit confirmed that on February 28, 2020, Takeo provincial governor Ouch Pheak had informed the Anti-Corruption Unit, saying that the port The one-stop service of the provincial administration, which has been in operation since July 23, 2018, will receive a bonus from the use of the service.

Takeo Provincial Governor confirms that not allocating bonuses each month according to Ministry of Interior guidelines as bonuses allocated by Provincial Administration Each month a small number of departments are open to the provincial office once a year and requests from most officials to allocate money. Annually, the Takeo Provincial Administration makes an annual award to each staff member. By: Kolab