People in the community seem to be back in shapeUnconsciously recovering and being wary of infection and infection with the worldwide HIV-19 infection There are advantages and disadvantages to which health officials receive lessons and work experience.

Madam Om Vandin, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Health, said that the territorial authorities at all levels would like to pay more attention to the past. Implemented better prevention measures, especially in this province, and promptly responded to the Kov 19 issue.

Ministries and authorities at all levels at the sub-national level need to pay more attention to the general public welfare issue In the province, especially the risk of other epidemics, especially the dengue and malaria challenges that may occur and must Preventive measures are available to prevent and respond in a timely manner to the community.

This is a two-day working visit by a delegation of the Ministry of Health led by Madame Om Vandin, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Health, and their accompanying presence. From Dr. Li AiLan, WHO Representative in Cambodia, Battambang.

HE Dr. O Vandin, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Health, said that the key leaders, especially the leaders and relevant officials of the Battambang Provincial Health Department, plan to continue Meet health officials at district referral hospitals, health centers, some communes, and at the Chantry Lizards checkpoint at the international border gates of Daun Penh district and Sampov Loun District. Focusing more on joint efforts to prevent further escalation of disease prevention measures; Transmitting the second wave of polio-19 in the community due to your negligence. As a result of the ministry's notice, the people in the community seem to have returned to normalcy, forgetting and being cautious The infection and transmission of Kov-19 while the rest of the world is calm. Kov-19 also has the good and the bad side of getting health officials at both national and sub-national levels. Lessons and work experience as well.

HE Nguon Ratanak, Governor of Battambang, expressed his thanks to the Ministry and the Royal Government of Cambodia for their attention, especially the presence of development partners in the public welfare sector. WHO has provided key recommendations. So far, the Battambang Provincial Government has been actively cooperating in the implementation of the fight against Kovild-19 with Provincial Health Department and all levels. By the District and all relevant components in accordance with the guidelines and specific measures of the Royal Government and the Ministry of Health and the measures taken by the authorities and authorities The province has fulfilled its mission of helping people at the level and ability, ability and responsiveness. What are the recommendations of the Lok Chumteav, the Provincial Government of Battambang and the Provincial Health Department, and consider developing preventive measures and planning for the pandemic response? Infectious diseases in particular, and will strive to promote the general public welfare and to undertake more hygiene education to avoid Get out of the infection and spread the virus and from other infectious diseases, such as the Kov-19 problem, dengue fever and malaria. Etc.

During the visit and visit of ODs and OD at the Provincial Health Department, Lok Chum Teav also provided materials, alcohol, gel, teachers' shirts. The medical and budget for the unit is Moung Russei District Referral Hospital, Provincial Referral Hospital and Provincial Health Department. By: Ong Saram