As you already know and hope A beautiful young woman with a Facebook account named Ah Jruy has died following a motorcycle accident with her boyfriend. The unidentified vehicle fully hit the track at about 1 am on the 27th of June, 2020, along the 143rd street 3110 in Boeng Keng Kang 3, Boeung Keng Kang, Phnom Penh.

During the incident, it was discovered that her boyfriend did not appear to be seriously injured. A simple, portable phone and even a motorcycle.

However, after seeing the video posted, the boyfriend was still able to walk and even got on the motorbike but showed up. The loud gesture pointing to the press not to shoot while walking into the ambulance has caused many to criticize, including saying: The whole dead girlfriend turns on the motorbike! Do not shoot them, is this face more important than his girlfriend's life? " The only motorbike did not look at his dead girlfriend until he made a couple more miserable. In the male side, that's the problem. " Some people say, "If you can't walk, you can not get upset, even this little motorcycle." Falls means there are still memories, but there is no sadness. ” And some, because they were too hungry, put a heavy burden on them: "Turn on the tractor and cause the death of the baby." Ignore them no more, but themselves are beautiful. "

Of course, the youth of this age are often seen riding on a motorbike, driving in a dangerous position. But in this case, we cannot blame either side because the incident was not all clear.

Also, the deceased girl, 18-year-old Kris Sullen (Facebook account Ah Jruy), was in 12th grade. Toul Tum Poung High School is located in Boeng Salang District, Khan Toul Kork and is a native of Battambang. His girlfriend was seriously injured, 20-year-old former U16 national football player Te Kim Kim Heng.

By: Hong Hong