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Ratanakiri – Ratanakiri Province is located in the northeast of Cambodia, 588 km from Phnom Penh. The province consists of one municipality: Banlung and 8 districts: Oum Von Vun, Ta Long and Keng Mom Glass of Andong Meas and Oyadavad District. Ratanakiri is a place of rich natural beauty and is home to many indigenous peoples. As well as the Tampuans, the Jarai, the Kreung, the Kao, the Kao, the Pon and the Lon.

Local and international visitors can visit and experience firsthand the traditions of daily life, worship and belief. Different ethnic groups are also involved. Ratanakiri, the capital of Ratanakiri province, lies on a plateau surrounded by mountains, valleys, waterfalls and natural lakes for centuries. Come on.

There is the Kachanh Waterfall Resort located in Village 2, Kankanh, Banlung Town, Ratanakiri Province, approximately 6km from Banlung Town (Provincial Town). It is a beautiful nature resort that always attracts the eye of every tourist. . That waterfall is in the middle of Phnom Prum Mountain, connected by the stream and the plantation along the road.

Tourists are traveling in all kinds of vehicles with the development of Kuala Lumpur connecting the city. In order to see the ruins of this waterfall more visually, local and international tourists It can be either 72 steps down or down Pressure swing extending in front of the current waterfalls.

Below the view are large trees that provide cool shade for sitting, relaxing or eating Easily cooled down. Just above the falls is a parking lot, a change of clothes, a traditional dance troupe. Bride and Groom, Food, Beverages & All Kinds of Food For national and international tourists who visit there too.

These foods and souvenirs are handmade, with traditional clothing, affordable ethnic minority people. And a safe, secure, good order with the guidance of the Tourism Department team regularly; There has been an increase in international visitors.