A dispute involving a coffee shop owner's home has been confirmedA big backyard is always trying to get rid of the next door, which is a hospital not to build anything that violates criminal law completely. Disgusting people in social media after witnessing use of profanity on the hospital side Do not take the law into account.

According to the building's construction contractor, the side of the cafe's unofficial café Not only do they want to beat the homeowner, they are even trying to beat the handcuffs on them without knowing it. What is surprising and shocking is the fact that the landlord of the case can build anything and even build a store. Coffee also breached public order but became invisible.

According to a Facebook account, Huy Ou Dom posted a video and described the incident as: "#Good House. In Trapaeng Thleung Village, Pur Senchey District, Phnom Penh Conflicts Over One Side Hospitals save people from building anything … but homes find things They built a cafeteria full of street food turned invisible authorities .. Help a sergeant come to you for help. Intervene! Have pity on you, little one. ” By: Hong Hong