Colombia: President Ivan Duque said on Tuesday that Colombia will expand measures to maintain social disparities to prevent the spread. Of Kovid 19 until August 30. It comes on the day the country reported the highest daily increase in 19 Kovid cases since The epidemic has begun.

President Duque said at his daily Kovid 19 press conference in Bogota: Locks have been extended until August 30, but in those cities with lower Kowid rates we will continue to open. "Other parts of the economy."

It comes as Bogota mayor Claudia López Hernández told CNN on Tuesday that the abolition of Kovid 19 In Colombia it is impossible.

"Countries like ours in Latin America, we have to learn to cut back," Hernández told CNN. Virus rather than get rid of it all at once. "In our situation, aiming to eradicate the virus is not possible."

Locks were applied across Colombia from March 25 to varying degrees. Local administrations can implement specific locking measures in each city as Colombia pushes for a grassroots approach Visible localization of only the most affected areas is under strict isolation, while parts Most of the countries can operate freely.

Colombia's border is currently closed until September 1. Colombia saw a record 10,284 new cases on Tuesday, bringing the total to 267. 385 cases. According to the Ministry of Health. At least 9,074 people have been killed by 19 Kovid in the country. Excerpted from the website: cnn (Edited by: Bopha)