Colgate-Palmolive Thailand and CP & Trading International this morning donated more than one million pieces of soap to the Ministry of Health to distribute to 1 million Cambodians. 1 million protocols "to participate in the prevention and control of the spread of infectious disease.

Amid the global crisis of the global crisis of 19, many people are concerned about the protection of viruses and bacteria, and many are facing There will also be a shortage of products to buy their own protection from the spread of the disease that has infected 19 of them.

In order to prevent, prevent and reduce the risk of HIV infection, Colgate-Palmolive Thailand and CP & Trading International have sponsored soapboxes, which are owned by CP&E Trading International. Can eliminate 99.9% of bacteria by 1 million 8 pieces totaling USD 512,699 (five hundred and twelve thousand six Hundreds of ninety-nine dollars) through the Ministry of Health to distribute to Cambodians the hand and body wash.

At the same time, Minister of Health Mam Bunheng expressed his deep appreciation for the invaluable humanitarian assistance of Colgate-Palmolive Thailand and the CP & Aringing International, a gesture that has been remembered in our country's solidarity history. . Mam Bunheng hopes that the company will continue to provide assistance to Cambodia to accelerate the prevention and response of the Kuwaiti 19 epidemic more quickly.

Also, according to the Ministry of Health's education message, frequent hand washing is the most important activity to protect you from infections, viruses and bacteria, thus contributing to the "1 million 1 million antibiotic" campaign. Protect "Cambodians, Soap Brush Company hopes that our Cambodian people will join hands and body wash Maintaining hygiene Anti-COR 19 in our country as a whole.