Mixed forces cracked down on illegal gambling sites Cock in No Land, Chambuk Kneak Village 1, Prek Thmey Commune, April 05, 2020, at 10:30 pm, 5 vehicles withdrawn and 18 motors.

The crackdown, courtesy of Sam Rithy Veasna, deputy prosecutor of the Phnom Penh Municipal Court, and by order from Cheng Monyra, district governor and head of the Chbar Ampov district unity committee led by Mr. Ros Sopheak, deputy governor of the district Precinct Mi and Col. Mao Sivorn, the chief of the Post, have apparently cracked down on illegal cockpit gambling sites in unlisted plots, Chambuk 1 village, Prek Thmey commune. Chbar Ampov District

Exclusives include: 5 cars, 18 motorcycles, three cockroaches, 100 plastic seats and a frame for 56 chicken towns. The cock crew escaped when the cops arrived.

Please note that the above location was just opened for cockfighting on the morning of April 5th, the immediate opening of the force. Chbar Ampov District authorities immediately cracked down on illegal gambling and all activities of Chbar Ampov district authorities cracked down. Cock cock gambling Because people generally support a strong, while the security forces Ampov iron fist district authorities to crack down on illegal gambling.
Currently, the above evidence has been kept at the district police chief's office to search for the owner.