Koh Kong: The National Committee for Coastal Management and Development is investigating the case of a person named Hap Houth who allegedly broke land and fence along the nearby coast. 2 km, approximately 10 hectares at Po Ching Tung point, Chroy Svay village, Chroy Svay commune, salt farm, Koh Kong province. Officials claim the report will be closed next week.

Ni Phally, undersecretary of state at the Ministry of Tourism, and member of the National Committee for Coastal Management and Development in Cambodia, who investigated the case two weeks ago. He told the Post yesterday that there was indeed an erosion in the area. But through the verification of documents, there are still some doubts that warrant further research.

“The team is continuing the investigation to close the report and to submit to the Chairman of the National Committee for Coastal Management and Development for review and Achieve.

“Obviously we saw an injection in the sea, but we saw a request from them,” Ny Phally told the Post. The fishing community and environmental protection community at the site proposed to serve as a dock for the community boat and as a headquarters ».

“I have to go into more detail about whether this is for private or public interest purposes,” he said.

Mr. Phally claimed that before authorities authorities suspended all abuses pending the decision of the National Committee for Coastal Management and Development. The Cambodian Sea will end its investigation next week.

People protecting the environment and fishing communities, including those named Hour Hap, accused of land-grabbing in the Post No source to contact.

Koh Sothy, a spokeswoman for Koh Kong Provincial Court, said the deletion of the sea in the area had been happening for three years. “We welcome the action of the committee. For us, only reports of actual infringement for individuals, we also report to the Ministry of the Ministry of National Defense Managing and developing the Bay Area, he works. ”