Photograph: Pha Lina / Phnom Penh Post Lang, a secretary of state at the Ministry of Interior, said yesterday that experts from the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Agriculture and the provincial authority were at sea to discuss the issue. Draft National Action Plan on the Prevention, Control and Elimination of Illegal Fishing in the Sea of ​​the Kingdom of Cambodia.

The Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries agreed on the January 16 meeting. Define additional entry authority in the national defense plan, with suggestions from the four coastal provinces and relevant officials Ministry of Interior to ensure Completely prevent illegal fishing in natural waters.

“Sometimes, your authorities have difficulty observing night and day at sea, so it's relevant. And inland fisheries and fisheries management; secondly for regional and international cooperation; They want the maritime state, especially in the interior Area to work together to prevent and combat illegal fishing.

“From the implementation of the National Action Plan, the Ministry of Agriculture has taken the initiative to amend the Fisheries Law. Secondly, a draft sub-decree can be drafted to establish how to strengthen all competencies, namely to cooperate in cracking down on illegal fishing. Unauthorized, at least it's not 100%, it's at least as effective as it can be. ”

According to the Ministry of Interior's website, posted on the 16th, a national action plan has been prepared Key activities include: legal system amendment, drafting and approval of the national plan, monitoring and inspection, training of Cambodian observers and fishing port inspectors The obligation to report and record fishing vessel monitoring systems in Cambodia.

The National Action Plan on the Prevention, Prevention and Elimination of Illegal Fisheries, Unreported and Unauthorized, is prepared in accordance with the International Action Plan Regional Activities and Guidelines of the ASEAN Secretariat on the Protection of the Import of Fisheries from Illegal Fishing There are no reports and unauthorized entry into the production line.

"The National Action Plan is aimed at combating illegal, unreported and unauthorized fishing by implementing measures Comprehensive, efficient and transparent, and to fully implement regulatory compliance, an integral part of fisheries management programs.

Veng Sakhorn, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, declined to comment, while Vuthy, a spokesman for the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries The National Action Plan could not be reached for comment.

Kampot deputy governor Poy Kosal, who attended the January 16, 2020 national action plan meeting, declined to comment. Related from that meeting. Tea Sokha, deputy commander of the navy and secretary general of the National Maritime Security Committee, declined to comment.