CNC, in cooperation with the Cambodian Boxing Federation, announces a press conference in the morning of June 1, 2020, with Cambodian boxers taking on Cambodian heavyweights on the Cambodian martial arts circuit “Argentine Terror Fighters CNC to challenge millions from German companies

The press conference was attended by Nin Phearum, Vice President of the Thai Martial Boxing Federation, Mr. Tola Mae, Director of CNC Television Sales, and Mr. Chey Odom, Sales Director of Argentine Wine Company.

The event saw all Cambodian boxers from different clubs and Cambodian boxers from different clubs compete for a million dollars. For the event, according to Cambodian boxers, the Thai boxer has been beaten, but by the Korean season, the CNC has decided to give the Cambodian boxer a million dollars. The tournament takes place every Sunday afternoon, replacing the Khmer Kite Wrestling Program.

After getting permission from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports to resume boxing, the audience was not allowed to watch the match, which was closed to prevent coronavirus infection. Have a clear plan and follow the following safety conditions:

All training and competitions are subject to the technical rules to ensure the safety of the facility and equipment are regularly disinfected and sanitized and the players, coaches and technical officers are regularly inspected and maintained. Guide and collaborate with the Ministry of Health.

Instructions to the club to meet the conditions and to implement proper and strict anti-coronary measures before training and competition, and the league is closed to ensure that no audience for the league does not exceed the number of players and officials. The 100 must be disciplined to practice gait and individual gaps (do not shake hands and hug when kicking) – make sure that the gym and the league are not infected with the second wave of coronaviruses. Failure to comply with the Federal Health Ministry's rules and technical guidelines will be liable. By: Philip Philip