Prey Veng: According to reports from the state At 14:30 pm, February 23, 2020, violence broke out in Pong Teuk village, Krang Ta Yong commune, Peam district, Prey Veng province.

Caused by the Ministry of Defense's Ministry of Defense, more than ten people have joined the group. Most of the villagers who were living in the upper village of the village were injured. The reason for the verbal altercation during the night of February 22nd, and until February 2, they met and fought one another to clear. Night from night.

In that case, local authorities detained a Defense Ministry military officer, Sophal alias Haut, 26, and handed them to the state police station in Kraing Ta Yong commune. .

Police in Pursat province say a case of violence has been launched by the Ministry of Agriculture. At least 10 people were injured in a shooting at a village in Khum Leu village, in the village of Kandal province. Same thing.
Peamor district police have handed over the suspect to a military officer to Prey Veng military police for further legal proceedings. Law.

In that case, Lieutenant Colonel Chea Heng, a police inspector, told a local newspaper that immediately after the incident, the police force of the district headquarters co-chaired the attack. The district governor and the local police force arrived at the scene, including a detained military officer. The incident that led to the violence was on the night of February 2, 2020, there was a program in Ta Huy village, Kompong Thom commune on the border and Kraing Teng commune. Dude.
During the ceremony, there was little drinking and drinking, and in the morning both parties were carrying the same road, with the government There was also a landslide and they asked each other what happened last night? There were also explosions in the crowd, while the paramilitaries chased each other home. The village of Peng Teng village, Krang Teng commune, by បញ By: Wisdom