Phnom Penh: Statement on LICADHO on February 18, 2020Requests to act promptly after a baby dies due to living with the mother in prison.

5-month-old baby living with his mother in detention center in Prey Sar 2 January 26th at the Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital in Phnom Penh. For the authorities to prioritize resettlement in ASEAN For women with small children.

The victim's mother was remanded in pre-trial detention in mid-1919. From being accused by the authorities of possessing a pack of methamphetamine worth only Rs 20,000, or 2.5 $ She was not given a lawyer Nor did she know the right to apply for bail in Pandora. She was eight months pregnant at the time of her release He was sent to his own prison.

We urge the authorities to act quickly to ensure that this does not happen. Again.

On January 18, 20, the five-month-old baby Devi, whom LICADHO has renamed to maintain independence, has suffered It was unclear what caused her injuries. The Secondary Education Center examined her condition and sent her and her mother away Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital, which treated prisoners from the Khmer Rouge camp. And found that the baby had broken a thigh bone.

Devi and mother were admitted to the National Children's Hospital for medical treatment, saying there was no specialist. To treat this kind of patient, the National Pediatric Hospital also treated the injured baby and sent it She returned to the 2nd Amendment center, although prison staff requested Devi and Ma A hospital stay was held to monitor the situation. Hospital staff refused and it was reported that Said there was no room for Devi and mother.

Over the course of the week, the mother noted that Tevi had a fever and a persistent cough. Prison officials brought Devi back to the National Children's Hospital, where doctors met with Devi. And mom just a short time before scheduling an appointment for a diagnosis within 3 weeks. The mother told the doctor that she had lost her previous medication to Tevil, but the doctor had not given her a laxative. In addition to Tevi, there is no specific medication recommended by her doctor.

By January 25, 2020, Tevy was having difficulty breathing, her mother noted. He immediately began recovering and immediately alerted the prison officer. Devoted Tevy and sent to the Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital, where you were treated She cleaned her mouth and took X-rays of her lungs. Tevy and her mother were allowed to stay in hospital. Tuck in the hospital.

A autopsy revealed Devi died of lung disease and malnutrition.

By the morning of January 26, Tevy had difficulty breathing, she was sent to the emergency room where she was being treated. The doctor tried to remove the mucus from her lungs and made a heart attack, but she still did not know. Devi was then placed in a turbo fitted with oxygen.

Three minutes later, she died.

A autopsy revealed that Tevy had died of pneumonia and malnutrition.

Growing up in prison
Currently 103 children and 43 pregnant women are incarcerated in 18 prisons where LICADHO It has been monitored and this figure has almost doubled since January 1, 2017. The 2nd Correctional Center is the only prison in Cambodia designed to house female prisoners And children can only legally hold as many as 350 prisoners, but there are currently inmates in custody. Up to 1850 prisoners were jailed.

In February 2015, the Prime Minister called for the formation of a committee to grant amnesty. The pregnant woman and the prisoner who had her baby were in custody This should be considered one of the first steps to make sure that no other children are present Lou colt grew up in the same prison.

On February 18, 2019, the Prime Minister once again spoke to the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Justice. Women's Affairs Review the Situation of Women in Prison in Pre-trial detention There has been much talk about the difficult life that women face when they are incarcerated He was jailed in prison.

This week, the Prime Minister again called for urgent action to speed up the hearing of women who are in detention. Detained in pretrial detention pending bail as well as hotel rentals Trial proceedings if the courtroom is not available.

LICADHO supports the idea that children and pregnant women should not be detained. We believe that infants and children should be close to their mothers, but we do not believe prison is a place There is no comfortable or safe way for them to grow bigger. Since January 1, 2017, when the "Addiction Campaign" was announced, the number of children and pregnant women The abdomen in the genital area is strongly increased.

LICADHO recommends some of these:
• All eligible detainees should be asked if they wish to apply for bail. Does the care of the victims, especially in the case of vulnerable persons, such as women with small children With minor ones.
• Prioritize bail hearings of vulnerable detainees such as pregnant women And women have small children with them, so they don't have to be detained Long term and no fixed timeframe.
• Ensure that pre-trial detention should be used appropriately and optionally Following compliance with the principle of innocence and serious consideration of the detainee; Vulnerable.
• Ensure that all persons who have been entitled to full legal rights and protection Be informed of the charges against them and know about the procedure for filing Application and entitlement to parole, especially in case of detainees Easy Accidents such as minors, pregnant women, and pregnant women remain with them.
• Disseminate the two guidelines that police, police, justice, and court officials should address. With mothers and pregnant women making sure that these cases are not many in the future Continued.
• A mother and pregnant woman who has been convicted of a misdemeanor should be suspended.

LICADHO also urges authorities to fully investigate the killings. Devi and recommend that the authorities develop a set of legal guidelines regarding the procedure. Transfer of children and pregnant women to a hospital. This policy should include the referral of a child to a hospital. At the National Children's Hospital and allow the children to be treated with their parents at the hospital. Doctor for at least 24 hours.

We hope that pregnant and all pregnant women in prison who are practicing detention A pretrial hearing may result in a bail or a pre-trial hearing International Women's Day March 8, 2020 ៕ By: Columbus