Prey Lang: Environmental activists, associations and civil society organizations working24 Human Rights, Forests and Environment Together On March 14, 2020, Joint Statement on the Detention of Mr. Ouch Leng, President of the Organization Cambodian Human Rights Task Force and three other environmental activists.

According to the statement, we are an environmental activist, association and civil society organization working on human rights, forestry and The Environment Condemns Cangbao Oaks (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. (Think Biotech Co., Ltd) Who used unjustified security forces in active detention Four environmentalists and Forestry, including Mr. Ouch Leng, President of the Cambodian Human Rights Task Force and Goldman Environmental Prize winner 2016, Cam Sok Khy and Thi Thi, members of the Prey Lang community network, and environmental activist Men Mat. Company workers in The premises will be under the responsibility of the company before they are sent to the Sambo district police chief.

Ouch Leng, a prominent activist who dedicated his life to protecting Cambodia's forests, has won the World's Largest Award. Cambodian officials responded to him by arresting him. Presently, with the latest news, Och Leng and three other forest activists remain in detention and questioning since 9am yesterday. By: Kolab