Battambang: During the threat situationThe Covid-19 case continues every day, and our citizens' return to the country continues. It is noted that illegal cross-border smuggling into Thailand's occupational or occupational occupations by citizens is still ongoing. Despite the efforts of local authorities, the authorities have prevented it.

In fact, on the afternoon of June 5, 2020 at 13:40 pm, the police force of Sampov Loun district police inspectorate, consisting of Colonel Pich Saren is the district police inspector and force of the 817th Border Patrol Battalion, with Colonel Prak Say as the Commander in Chief With the artillery subdivision of Sampov Lun district and the Thai Chhun Thok troops in Brigade 1303 blockade In time, Cambodians illegally smuggled across the border into Thai territory under the guise of a broker. ) There were also 38 women, including 17 women, who were detained and sent back to Thai authorities by authorities. .

For this, Colonel Pich Sarin, Inspector of Sampov Loun district police, confirmed that after receiving the 38 citizens, officials Local health workers have already completed their skills (medical examinations) and handed them over to district police for questioning, among them Three groups of brokers led the illegal crossing, three of whom were arrested by the authorities. File a case to be dispatched to a special office for legal action while 35 citizens educate them not to be fooled The other brokers allowed them to return home.

On behalf of the Commissioner of Police of Battambang Province, we appeal to our people not to be fooled by the propaganda of the brokers. Bringing you into Thailand illegally is illegal because it is illegal and very dangerous to get infected with Covid Also -19 ៕

By: Kolab