Takeo: Residents of Takeo commune, Bati district, ask authorities to crack down on factory and prevent production of fake palm sugar Their local process of burning cloth smelled of bad odor in the village, but the commune chief claimed That these factories have a license Valid card.

One resident, who asked not to be named, said he was living in Prasat Meas village, east of Kompong commune, yesterday. Cracked down and shut down the production of fake palm sugar for the first half of last year, and now it's back again Locally, this is the same.

Traders, the chief of the commune, secretly hid fake palm sugar at night and shipped it to sell, he said. At around 3 or 4am, because of the past, the daytime theft was seized and seized. Some.

“In the past, the traders used to burn charcoal or charcoal, but this time he turned and burned the fabric. Once the burning was done, the ash heaped into the jar of water mixed with the black smoke. "The smell of the odor coming from the brewery also affects the health of neighbors."

Nget Nop, another resident of Kompong commune, said that more than 10 factories were operating without crackdown on authorities. Basically, although the officials have already cracked down once. He called on authorities to intervene urgently, as the handicraft affected the villagers.

“I saw the technique of making brown sugar, I saw it in combination with plain sugar syrup, oil,” he said. The soup, the soup, the milk, the condiment, and a few other ingredients I don't remember. Then they mix all the ingredients together and they stir it up. I'm not sure about the technique. " .

Chhay Ye, the commune chief of Bati district, told the Post yesterday that his commune had produced a sugar palm-style plant. This is true, but the craft is legal, with provincial officials licensing the owners But he did not know his relatives.

He said authorities had previously cracked down and advised palm producers of the effects Leading to a crackdown. But they later asked the provincial government for a license to continue the production of the sugar palm Back.

“They produced the sugar because they already asked permission from the official, but I don't know what the ministry is,” he said. They have already asked for a law, so I can't go and crack them down because they have the right one. In the past we used to crack down, because before that he did not have the law, now we have the law to suppress them? And I don't know who my nephew's business is. ”

Por Leang Kong, the director of Kampot province's Camcontrol branch, said yesterday that he had also received the information, but the dealers The activities at night led to his staff being sent to crack down while the local authorities did not cooperate With his professional officer.

"This is really the case. We cracked down last time. Traders acted on the day so we can crack down." But this time, the burglar was working late at night so our officials had a hard time getting down at night and the local authorities did not cooperate well with us. No. "In this case, I will try to make it as long as I can find a way to prevent it."

Por Leang Kong added that experts had found that the substances could be harmful to consumers, such as illness High cholesterol, high blood pressure, high blood sugar and high blood pressure.

Takeo, director of the Takeo Industry and Industry Department, said yesterday that he had not received the information but that he would Assign a professional officer to investigate the case.

“I would like to make it clear that the Takeo province has never issued any licenses or licenses to dealers,” he said. These disturbances set up a sugar mill because it is illegal and I have to take measures to prevent it. Only. "I will send my officials down to crack down on all the positions."

A former palm sugar producer, who declined to be named, told the Post yesterday that his factory had been targeted by authorities It was shut down in 2019, but he has now stopped producing sugar, shifting his focus to farming. Home Builder.

"I can tell you how to make some of this fake sugar – raw materials and ingredients, including sugar. Plain vinegar, olive oil, soup, and condensed milk. For 50 kilos of sugar, use 15 kilos of water, 200 grams of oil, two tablespoons of soup and two servings of milk. Two cans of kale. Then mix all the ingredients together in a standard way and allow to boil until set. And they stir just as naturally as sugar. ”