Sihanouk 215 Families of Public Street Vendors in Preah Sihanouk Province Approve the Administration's Six-Point Rule The municipality, by discontinuing the construction of permanent public street stalls, agreed to carry out the trade as directed by the Municipal Administration. Human rights officials applauded the measures taken by the people.

Sihanoukville Mayor E Sokleng told the Post on June 24 that the agreement was made after meeting with all residents. 215 families twice a week. Such measures are aimed at maintaining order and environment in the city.

“We do not block the rights of our people to do business. But we just suggest not to take the sidewalk for shopping and lodging. "Some people go to the shores of the coastline which we have set up cleanly, which leads to the loss of order and beauty of the beach."

Sok Leng said they finally agreed with Sihanouk's administration, which gave them six points. They include: Citizens from other provinces have to rent legal homes or shops and do not take public roads as private space. 2. Buildings on public roads must not be removed and no longer be permanently located in public vehicles No.

3. Do not trade on highways with traffic. 4. Shoppers who shop at the beach must not bring cars and trailers along with beach equipment. 5. Once sold, garbage is collected from public and coastal areas. 6. Citizens volunteer under the direction of the Municipal Administration If not, follow the procedure.

The governor added that this was to ensure order, safety and environmental protection in Sihanoukville. In the past, some people have used the land for food, road construction, or road construction for stalls, carriage sheds, and cars for permanent sale. The number of these people is increasing day by day.

“They are all from different provinces to do this kind of business with no houses or homes in the province. Sihanoukville for a proper stay. Some people set up booths to stay in, while others live on commercial vehicles. Some people, besides living in their own cars, start to see sidewalks, public or private lands owned only by landowners Not being cared for, they are already living in those places. ”

Sihanouk's Coordinator of the Human Rights Association (ADHOC), Ms. Chhit Sotheary, applauds the authority's new measures. Such trade, through modification of hot measures, ceases to be open to them, with definite measures upon them. .

“When I saw the first measures taken by the Sihanouk administration, to stop people from doing business in public, I was really The pity for the people because of this situation, there is nothing other than business for a living. The reason they came to trade more and more was because of the disease 19, which led to their unemployment. We are happy that the city administration has implemented such a new measure, but if we do not comply, we will be punished. They don't take care of the environment, it's like this. ”