Chip Mong Rethit Investment Company has confirmed its investment positiveOn the Mall in Phnom Penh because of the wide market and rapid urbanization.

Chip Montreal's managing director, Michael Vong, said that shopping at the mall is now only about 30%. Retail sales in the regular market are up to 70%, which gives them a great opportunity to invest in supermarkets.

"We still have a lot of opportunities to develop, and we have to increase the market share of the market," Michael Vong said. Modernity is on the rise. ”

Michael Vong has observed that Cambodia's urbanization rate increases by about 20 percent every year, with many people moving to urban areas where they live. Let Phnom Penh grow bigger, especially the new generation of people.

Both the mall and the Chipmunks mall are capturing the market and meeting these needs.

Michael Montong confirmed that investment in Chip Mong Riel's supermarket segment will coincide with Chip Mong's other projects. All Chip Mongland's luxury residential projects come with every one of Chip Montreal's shopping plans.
Depending on these favorable conditions over the next three or five years, the presence of many new supermarkets will be particularly prominent Chip Mong Rethlet's supermarket is one of these