Chip Mong Bank is moving fast in the sectorFinance and Banking in Cambodia on May 29 signed a memorandum of understanding with six more companies to trade partnerships for payroll services Up to 10,000 accounts are available through this bank.

Chip Mong Bank's Senior Vice President Hong Sokleng said that Chip Mong Bank's payroll service offers significant benefits for both business owners and their employees. Company.

Sok Leng added that all of the benefits, including information on the salaries of employees who were recruited through the Chip Mong Bank, were maintained. Secretly, interest rates are as high as 2% per annum on payroll and can take priority in applying for a loan easier and faster. Both many other benefits.

In the past two years in the financial and banking markets, Chip Mong Bank has developed essential banking services, each of which is designed and tailored. Clients include Personal Loans, Digital Banking, Trade Loans and Banking agents.

“By partnering with Chip Mong Bank, our business partner Not only can we benefit from Chip Mong Bank, but we can also become a great partner for other businesses. Also of Chip Mong.

Chip Mong Bank has seven branches in operation and plans to expand further. Get 500 Bank Locations Bank! And many other cash machines.
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