Kandal Provincial Police Department Initial Operation Anti-Corruption CaseIntentional Violence Caused Aggravated Death (Caused by Victim) January 21, 2020, at a point in a kilometer plant # 27 along National Road 4, Ang Snoul District, Kandal Province.

Immediately after the incident, the Criminal Police Department cooperated with the Kandal Provincial Police Department to search for the actual suspects, arresting two suspects.

Identity of suspects 1. SONG WEIGUANG male, 35 years old, Chinese (no passport), and 2. BI CHUN NIAN, 58, male Chinese national (with no passport) and with one LEXUS 470 vehicle.

LIU JIANPING, 54, Chinese national, holding passport number G45636660.

According to the confession, the suspects said that on January 21, 2020 at about 9am, they found the victim at a point in the A kilometer meter factory in Kandal province's Angsnu district, when they called the victims to settle a 16-ounce debt, Ten thousand US dollars for the purchase of electrical equipment But the victim refused to accompany him, then attacked the victim and took the victim into the truck's trunk. Arriving at Phnom Penh, arriving at Phnom Penh International Airport, the victim was breathing and died. Arrived at Trapeang Krasor Village, Trapeang Kreang Commune Wallpapers Khan Po thi, Phnom Penh, was also arrested. Currently, the suspects above the Criminal Police Department assigned the Kandal Provincial Police to take action.

The body has been taken to the Tuk Tla pagoda pending further proceedings. By: Kolab