Rome: A special flight carrying nine-member Chinese aid teams, along with tons of medical supplies, arrived at Fiumicino airport in Rome on Thursday night as part of China's efforts to help Italy. Counteracts the outbreak of the infectious virus, CAVV 19.

The Airbus A-350 from eastern China landed at 22:30 hours at the cargo area of ​​the airport, according to the Xinhua News Agency. Also welcomed by local experts from the Italian Red Cross and delegates from the Chinese Embassy in Italy.

The group is organized by the National Health Commission and the China Red Cross Association. It is the third specialty group sent by Chinese authorities overseas after previous teams were dispatched to Iran and Iraq.

The specialized unit left Shanghai early Thursday and all crew members and crew went through a medical examination before they boarded the plane.

They took over 700 pieces of equipment and goods prepared by Ruijin Hospital of the School of Medicine at Shanghai Jiaotong University, including air ducts, monitoring devices and heaters.

"It is for the establishment of an intensive care unit for patients infected with KV-19," said Chen Haitao, deputy director of the hospital. "According to the requirements of the Italian side, we have selected a tool that has proven useful in clinical practice."

Chinese experts and equipment arrived two days after the number of confirmed cases in Italy reached 10,000.

The worst hit by the outbreak of the 19 pandemic in Italy, Italy has tightened its measures to curb the spread of the virus, and the entire country has been isolated for three days.

"There are many Italian doctors and medical professionals who want to come and show their gratitude to their Chinese colleagues, but not everyone can be allowed to leave the city at this time," the Italian Red Cross source said. ”

Update: October