Phnom Penh: Representative of HE Say Sam Al, Minister of Environment On the afternoon of April 21, 2020, received 10 tons of hand sanitizer, 10 anti-kerosene sprayers and soap. More than 10,000 pieces from Zhenghaina industry (JHH Indiana Inc.), an environmental investment company in Cambodia And fight the disease epidemic 19.

Mr. Chhorn Sokha, Director General of Administration and Finance of Ministry of Environment, HE HE Sam Sam Al, Minister of Environment Shared Strings), which shares with the Ministry as well as the Royal Government of Cambodia in the fight against the HIV / AIDS epidemic 19 in Cambodia .

Gu Chun Yao (Zhouha Yao Yao), president of Zhenghaina industry (JHHina Indiana), said the delivery of machines and equipment killed The virus to the Ministry of Environment is in the spirit of Samdech Techo Hun Sen, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia when China is facing The COVID-19 virus epidemic is Samdech Hun Sen The first foreign leaders to enter China have proved that Cambodia and China are inseparable, especially the Royal. The Cambodian government has supported the Chinese government for the prevention of the virus.

Gu Chun Yao confirmed that the purpose of the company giving gift of disinfectant and soap to Ministry of Health is now to support and participate. Prevent COVID-19, and encourage the public to learn how to maintain good hygiene for the entire Cambodian family and society .

The Royal Government of Cambodia has welcomed the assistance and donations of donors and companies for its fight against the HIV / AIDS virus 19 years ago. Many government officials, including Samdech Techo Hun Sen, have contributed their own funds for the effort.