Phnom Penh: Wang Winthean, Chinese Ambassador to Cambodia, recalled "amazing" achievements and development paths emerging from the relationship. Steel friendship between the two countries, and he also praised some countries for failing to break this friendship.

In the article entitled "Remembering the glorious history of 100 years, open a new page for Sino-Cambodian friendship" published from Yesterday, Wang Winthean said that in the world, there are always people who do not like to see other countries with different management systems and theories. There is not much development and always worried when people in developing countries have a better life.

He said that they always paint China and the Chinese Communist Party constantly want to break the relationship between the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese people. Also wanted to destroy the friendly relations between China and Cambodia, but it was doomed.

"Words threatening and overthrowing China in all its forms have long been doomed," Wang said.

"The steel ties between China and Cambodia are inseparable, and the common destiny community between the two countries is stronger than gold."

"We cannot forget that during the first outbreak of the 19 19 virus, the Royal Government of Cambodia "Declared not to close flights with China, not to discriminate against the Chinese people and not to evacuate Cambodian diplomats and students from China."

Wang wrote that His Majesty King Norodom Sihamoni and Queen Norodom Monineath Sihanouk had provided assistance to the Chinese side, and Prime Minister Hun Sen Xen paid an urgent visit to China in reverse.

He wrote that after the outbreak of 19 Kovid virus in Cambodia, the Chinese government and military sent a team of doctors to Cambodia first to provide preventive equipment. Viral disease by all means. Despite China's high demand for vaccines in Cambodia, Cambodia remains a priority destination for 95 deliveries. Percentage of the total number of Kovid vaccines that Cambodia receives.

Under the conditions of the Kovid virus, China-Cambodia trade will continue to grow in 2020, despite viral obstacles, Wang said. However, with a total value of more than 9.56 billion US dollars.

Major projects of the belt and road have been smoothly promoted, such as the Sihanoukville Special Economic Zone project, the Phnom Penh-Krong Expressway project. Sihanoukville Rural water supply project and Moradok Techo National Stadium project.

"We recall history to summarize the experience, learn about the law and create beauty for the future," Wang said.

"We believe for a reason that under the great achievements of the century that China and Cambodia, as well as the two peoples, have achieved," he said. Find a development path that is appropriate to the situation of our country and under the construction of a common destiny community, let us help and support each other Each other … ".

Phay Siphan, a government spokesman, told the Post yesterday that it was Cambodia's policy to choose a non-partisan foreign policy. No matter how much aid is given, Cambodia's sovereignty is still respected and maintained.

"In that regard, we would also like to thank China, a good Chinese friend for respecting Cambodia's sovereignty," he said. "Cambodia's independence."

Mr. Siphan said that in the steel-friendly relationship, Cambodia's problem is China's problem and China's problem is Cambodia's problem. However, Cambodia falls within the framework of the ASEAN Code of Conduct because ASEAN has clear principles.

"In the future, I believe that Cambodia will grow in the economic sector and not just grow Cambodia with China," he said. Grow 10 of our ASEAN countries. In ASEAN, we are looking for development partners. "We are not looking for geopolitical partners."

Kin Phea, president of the Institute of International Relations of the Royal Academy of Cambodia, also told the Post yesterday that for the long term, he thinks the relationship Cambodia and China will continue to be strong, prosperous and deep because the two countries have many common strategic interests.

"The more geopolitical competition pushes the relationship between the two countries, the more it develops in the future," he said. What we see is based on the current basis that the two countries have, a broad framework of cooperation and mutual assistance. On the other hand, we see that it is deep.