Chinese Ambassador to Cambodia Wang Wentain said that despite the spread of the Kovi-19 epidemic, relations and cooperation between Cambodia and China have continued to improve.

In a working meeting with Interior Minister of the Ministry of Interior, Mr. Krem Krasch Kheng, on Monday afternoon, June 22, 2020, at the Ministry of Interior, Wang Wentain said, "Even during the epidemic of disease onset The Kiev-19 tensions have taken place, as relations and cooperation between the two countries have continued to grow and progress.

He noted that the cooperation between Cambodia and China has been very good over the past year. Despite the two countries' fight against the disease, he said he thanked Cambodia for the implementation of the law.

He hopes that the implementation of the Cambodia-China law will serve the common interests of the two peoples.

Taking the opportunity, Mr. Kratom thanked the Chinese side for always helping Cambodia. He appreciated the Chinese efforts to work to improve the prevention of the disease. 19

He hoped that through the spirit of mutual support, it would contribute to further strengthening the cooperation relationship between the two institutions as well as the two peoples and the two governments.

Krom Krom continues to encourage law enforcement between Cambodia and China to further promote cooperation in the fight against the disease.