The Chinese Embassy in Cambodia issued the news on February 2 Chinese Ambassador to Cambodia Wang Wentian is interviewing key informants in Cambodia about the current state of viral respiratory disease. New coronavirus type and preventative measures to control this type of disease on the Chinese side, and more.

The Chinese ambassador said that since the new coronavirus infection occurred, the Communist Party and the Chinese government have taken measures to prevent and control it. Quickly, efficiently, in the most comprehensive, rigorous, and effective manner, with recognition and appreciation from many. Organization As well as the international health and international community, China continues to maintain good relations with the Cambodian Ministry of Health. In order to find the time and the cure, after examining the transmission of the disease in Cambodia will continue. Hold an open, transparent and pragmatic attitude Changes in responsibilities in order to strengthen intra-operations against the virus with the relevant countries, including Cambodia, the various international events.

He says only heavy rattles can sense the endurance of a weed, only in the event of a fall to know a true friend D. Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo HUN SEN recently commented on state television that the government and people of Cambodia will stand firm with the government. The Chinese government and people are teaming up to fight the new virus and suffer with it. This shows that Cambodia is truly a 'steel friend' of China, and indeed a community of common hopes that "breathe together and Mourn with one another. ”

The Chinese ambassador stressed that coronavirus can be controlled, controlled, and treated. We believe that under the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China, China's Vice President Xi Jinping is at the core of our solidarity. Chinese people, physically and mentally, will be able to successfully fight the disease soon. This is what makes the people and the world stand out.

All walks of life highly appreciated China's blocking measures and praised the ambassador's interview. China, Cambodia, has the key to understanding the state of the virus and strengthening prevention measures for the Cambodian side. Cambodia has strong confidence in the Chinese side and wished China to successfully overcome the virus soon.