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BEIJING, May 28 (Xinhua) – The People's Congress of China passed on May 28 despite threats of American sanctions Hong Kong's controversial national security law reacts to protests in 2019 That.

Unsurprisingly, some 3,000 Chinese lawmakers have already passed the draft There has been renewed protests in Hong Kong. Only one MP voted against it and six abstained. The passage of the bill led to loud and long applause at the People's Palace in Beijing The presence of Chinese President Xi Jinping.

China makes the law a priority after large-scale protests against the central government in 2019 It will lead to a sense of independence
Preferably. Anti-democracy protesters who do not want Beijing's influence in Hong Kong claim the law paves the way for freedom of expression The city has a population of 7 million

CLAUDIA MO, a Hong Kong Democrat, says Hong Kong will now be a Chinese city like China. And others. For you
Another opposition leader says JOSHUA WONG says the law will kill the democracy movement in autonomous territory.

On the other hand, in Beijing, Hong Kong's chief executive, Carroll, applauded Voted to pass the bill by the Chinese People's Congress, she pledges to strengthen law enforcement and education to protect national security.

Beijing's MP, MARTIN LIAO, confirmed the decision
Will not affect the freedom of the Hong Kong people. The newly enacted law will prevent, end, and suppress any action that seriously threatens national security as well as separatism The subversive acts or acts of terrorism, as well as the activities of foreign forces considered to interfere in Hong Kong affairs.

China has repeatedly accused last year of foreign forces, especially the United States, of organizing a city-wide protest. Hong Kong. China also accuses Radikil protesters of carrying out acts of terrorism. Excerpt from the website: yahoo (Edited by: Bopha)